Physical Culture

Facade Bod

A few thoughts about a piece in Vice, called “Your Sculpted Pecs Are Worthless.” Although it’s great to see the mainstream press picking up on the idea that looking fit and being fit are completely different animals—a notion that I discuss extensively throughout my book–there are a few misstatements here worth discussing. The clickbait title, for instance. Your pecs are far from worthless, as it claims, and the bench press certainly has an important place in functional strength training. Rather it’s having pecs without back and shoulder muscles—working only those muscles you see in the mirror and ignoring the all-important back—that is worthless in producing usable strength. Similarly, the article presents the visible abs on a 26-year-old, seemingly ripped guy as indicative of a “façade-bod.” I love the notion of a façade bod, since it points so directly at the looks versus strength issue, but the visibility of abs indicates…